Can I have a cart for refuse collection as well?
No, at this time the automated service is only for recycling. Different trucks are required for the automated service.

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1. As a new resident, how do I get my recycling cart?
2. How much am I paying for the recycling cart and automated service?
3. Who owns the recycling carts?
4. What if my cart gets damaged or stolen?
5. How big is the recycling cart?
6. Where do I store my recycling cart?
7. Should I pack the materials down tightly in my recycling cart?
8. Where do I place my recycling cart on my collection day?
9. Which way do I face my recycling cart?
10. Can I get a second recycling cart?
11. What type of material can I put in my recycling cart?
12. Can I have a cart for refuse collection as well?
13. Can I set materials out beside the recycling cart if the cart is full?
14. What if I have extra materials that won't fit in the recycling cart?
15. If I move, do I take the cart with me?
16. Can I waive the recycling services and the cart?
17. Can I write my address on the cart?
18. When can I start using my new cart?
19. Can we park on the street on collection days?