What type of special events does Canton have for its residents?

Bring out your family and friends to enjoy these great family-friendly annual special events:

  • Fall: Trick or Treat Story Trail, BOO Bash, Howl at the Moon, Carpool Cinema 
  • Winter: Santa Breakfast, Storytime with Mrs. Claus, Santa Letters, Home for the Holidays
  • Spring: Butterfly Ball, Spring Fling, Easter Breakfast, Bunny Munch 
  • Summer: Thursday Night LIVE Concert Series, Tuesdays are Terrific Concert Series, Family Movie Campout, Liberty Fest, Movies in the Park

 All of these and many more!  Find all the details at https://www.cantonfun.org/678

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1. What is the history of Canton Leisure Services?
2. What is the Leisure Services Advisory Committee?
3. How does Leisure Services plan for the future?
4. What is the history of the Summit on the Park?
5. How do I become a member of the Summit and what does it cost?
6. Does the Summit provide child care services while I am using the facility?
7. How do I register for a program of class sponsored by Leisure Services?
8. Can I get my money back if I don't like a program?
9. If I am interested in renting one of Canton's rooms or facilities, how do I do it?
10. Besides rooms, what other types of equipment does Canton Leisure Services rent?
11. What is the history of Canton Parks?
12. What is Victory Park?
13. What is the history of Fellows Creek Golf Club?
14. What is the history of the Village Theater?
15. How do I purchase tickets for any event at the Village Theater?
16. Can I rent the Village Theater?
17. How does the Cultural Commission involve the community in developing the arts?
18. What is Cherry Hill School?
19. Can I rent one of Canton's historical buildings?
20. What is the history of the Travis Bartlett House?
21. What is the B.L.O.C.K.?
22. What types of programs are offered at the B.L.O.C.K. and how can I get to them?
23. What type of special events does Canton have for its residents?
24. What are the different youth sports groups in Canton and how can we become involved?