What is the history of Canton Parks?
Since the early 1970s Canton has embraced a parks approach and philosophy that has served the community well. Canton’s philosophy has been to encourage the development of neighborhood parks through new housing project open space requirements, while the community would provide large active parks. Today many of Canton’s neighborhoods have parks to serve the needs of residents. Many of these parks contain playground equipment, tennis courts, and swimming pools. These parks are owned and maintained by the neighborhood residents.

Hundreds of acres of neighborhood parks and open space dot the community. Canton has 342 acres of developed park land including seven existing parks. Canton also has 147 acres of undeveloped future park land. The future park land includes Patriot Park property (134 acres) and the Cherry Hill Village land at the Bartlett-Travis House property (13 acres). The first large active park developed was Griffin Park located in the eastern portion of Canton. It was followed by Flodin Park, Heritage Park, Freedom Park, and Independence Park.

Yet to be developed is Patriot Park (Ford and Ridge Roads). In 2000, 134 acres of land were purchased at the northwest corner of Ford and Ridge Roads with grant funds from the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund. The land is a mix of old farmland, wetlands and woods. In 2002, the Patriot Park Master Plan was drafted with the help of a consultant and input from community groups and township officials. The park master plan design includes a mix of active and passive recreation opportunities and protected natural areas.

The 3 most unique parks are Independence Park (land acquired as part of an open space requirement for a new development), a 19 field soccer complex which is host to one of the largest soccer tournaments in the Midwest, Freedom Park: home of Canton’s disc course, and Heritage Park: site of Canton’s annual Liberty Fest and fireworks. The park includes lighted ball fields, a number of soccer fields, 2 lakes, an amphitheater, walking paths, 2 playscapes, a spray park, and many picnic pavilions.

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