How do I report a streetlight that is burned out?
Call Canton Public Works at 734/394-5150 to report a streetlight outage. Public Works can be reached Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. When reporting an outage, please have the following information ready: a specific streetlight location (i.e., the nearest cross roads, nearby business, etc.), whether the pole is wooden or metal, the streetlight pole number (for metal poles it’s located at the base of the streetlight. For wood poles it’s located approximately eight feet up the pole), and details about the outage (i.e. light off during the night, light turns on and off at night, light stays on during the day, etc.).

Please note, only Detroit Edison streetlight outages will be taken by Public Works. Decorative streetlights are the responsibility of the neighborhood Homeowner’s Association. To report a downed pole or other emergency please call Detroit Edison at 800/477-4747.

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