Wellness Coaching Services

Get the support you need to make lifestyle and nutritional changes that will enhance your well-being. Wellness Coach, Julie Burt, can help you reach your health goals by working to:

  • Achieve optimal weight
  • Reduce food cravings
  • Implement positive lifestyle changes
  • Maximize energy and balance

Julie has worked in the health and fitness industry for 19 years, and is an AADP member, certified IIN Health Coach, NETA Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, and Tai Chi Instructor.

Make an appointment today for your initial consultation. Uncover your needs, develop a personalized plan, and to learn how to maintain the motivation needed to achieve your goals.

Wellness Coaching Rates

Initial Consultation: Up to 55 Minutes

$65 for Members / $72 for Residents / $94 for Non-residents

Session Rates

Each Session is 55 Minutes
1 Session: $65 Members / $72 Residents / $94 Non-residents
4 Sessions: $250 Members / $278 Residents / $361 Non-residents
8 Sessions: $500 Members / $555 Residents / $722 Non-residents
12 Sessions: $740 Members / $822 Residents / $1,069 Non-residents

Personal Training Services

The Summit on the Park also offers additional Personal Training Services such as Weight Training, Tai Chi, Aqua Training and Group Training. For more information please visit our Personal Training Web Page.