Success Stories

If you have a weight loss success story that you would like to share with us, then tell us about your success story!

Stories may include: significant weight loss, overall health achievements, positive experiences, and inspiring / motivating stories. Selected stories will be posted on the Canton Leisure Services website, and you will win a prize! To submit a story, fill out the Fitness Success Stories form (PDF).

"The Summit is the place for me! After 5 year hiatus from exercise and healthy eating. I decided something had to change. I tried to exercise by myself or find a workout friend without success. As suggested by a friend I joined the group exercise program at the Canton Summit. As I entered the class, I was greeted and welcomed by so many. Now 5 months later, I have friends that hold me accountable, don't judge me, but constantly encourage me. Also, my instructors have helped me go where I couldn't go alone. I have changed emotionally and physically, and owe so much to those at the Canton Summit 5:45 am class."
 - Annette Luke