Fire Suppression Services

Current Deployment Model

The fire department's current deployment model consists of  a daily minimum staffing level of 19; six personnel assigned to Station# 2, four personnel assigned to Station #3, and the remainder assigned to Station #1.  The department's prevention division consist of the Fire Marshal and 2 Fire Inspectors.  The department currently provides the community with the following services:


The department responds to all fires within the community with an objective to arrive on scene within 6:30 minutes (travel time) with sufficient personnel and resources to control the fire and minimize loss.  A prompt response time with an Effective Response Force (ERF) allows the department the best possible chance to preform rescue of potential victims and control advancing fire conditions for the best possible outcomes. 


The department responds to rescue type incidents including motor vehicle accidents, machine entrapments, and ice or surface water rescues with an objective of freeing or rescuing the victims promptly so that they can receive appropriate EMS care for the best chances of survival. 


The department is trained to respond to technical rescues including high angle, confined space, trench, and collapse at an awareness level with an objective of stabilizing the incident until the Western Wayne County Urban Search and Rescue Team’s arrival.  Initial actions include incident command, proper notifications, victim support, and recon.


The department is trained at an operations level to respond to hazardous materials incidents with an objective of stabilizing the incident until the Western Wayne County Hazardous Material Response Team arrives on scene.  Initial actions include incident command, air monitoring, proper notifications, and recon.


The department's Fire Prevention Division is responsible for plan review, occupancy inspections, fire code review, and public education programs.  The objective of the prevention division is to take a proactive approach to fire prevention and education to ensure a safe community for our residents, visitors, and firefighters.  

For further information on the Fire Suppression Division contact Canton Fire Department Administration at 734-394-5455.