Current Gallery Exhibit

"Impressionism, Sculpture/Paint" by Dario Pabon

The Village Theater at Cherry Hill is pleased to exhibit "Impressionism, Sculpture/Paint" now through July 30, 2018 featuring the work of Dario Pabon.

There will be a free reception to celebrate Dario Pabon's work at The Village Theater on Monday, July 9, 2018 from 7 - 9 p.m.

About Dario Pabon

Dario Pabon is a retired, Design Engineer and has studied art in Medellin Colombia S.A. and Los Angeles Art Center College in California.

Within the last decade Dario has dedicated himself with more emphasis to a high transparency of combined sub-realistic and impressionism.  His reflections are, the relationship of materials and imagination to his creations. 

Utilizing a new technique, Dario Pabon uses a modeling paste and acrylics mixture to create a high embossed texture with (3D) third dimensions effects - a technique Mr. Pabon calls Sculpture-Painting.

Dario Pabon's work has been featured in many galleries including Centro Civico Colombiano, (for the Arts) in Queens New York and Consulado de Colombia (Colombian Consulate) in New York, New York.

This current art exhibit at the Gallery@VT is free and open to the public: Monday – Friday 10 am – 2 pm, one hour prior to and during public performances at the theater, as well as by appointment.  The Gallery@VT is closed on holidays.  The gallery is located at 50400 Cherry Hill Rd., Canton, MI, 48187.  For more information about this latest exhibit, please call 734/394-5300. 

The Gallery @ VT: Art Exhibition Schedule


  • July: "Impressionism, Sculpture/Paint" by Dario Pabon
  • August: "People See-People Do" by Kay Masini - Paintings
  • September: Ann Arbor Fiberarts Guild
  • October: 26th Annual Fine Arts Exhibition
  • November: "Food for the Soul" - Collaborative Exhibit
  • December: Jeremy Rheault - Paintings


  • January: Stephen Kolpacke - Woodturning and Jennifer Lanzilotti - Painted Leaves
  • February: "Holes in the Wall" Mixed Media Collaborative Exhibition curated by Tim Tonachella
  • March: Boisali Biswas - Fiber/Mixed Media
  • April: Liz Frankland - Paintings
  • May: Sarmad Al Musawi - Paintings
  • June: "With Every Step" by Sylvia Ford - Photography
  • July: Troy Hubbs - Abstract Paintings
  • August: J. Susan Aitken - Paintings
  • September: Graciela Bustos, Ilham Mahfouz, and Madalyn Rieksts - Abstract Exhibit
  • October: 27th Annual Fine Arts Exhibition
  • November: Ann Arbor Fiberarts Guild
  • December: Christine Walters - Watercolor
Free and open to the public on most weekdays (except Township holidays) 10 am to 2 pm, during all public performances and by calling 734/394-5308, for an appointment. Schedule subject to change without notice.